Ipega 9083: a magic weapon


《Knives out》, the pressure gun has always been the pronoun of the high hand. It is called a high hand not necessarily a pressure gun, but it must be a high hand. Then, how do we look at how the gun is done today?

First, look at close range shooting. The skill of close range shooting is very simple. Remember a word - Fire!
At close range, machine guns and rifles need to be pressed, because the cause of recoil is strong, allowing the center to drift easily. At this point, players can use the pressure gun to control the quasi heart, so that the bullet can hit the enemy more accurately.

When the firing distance is far away, because of the influence of the recoil force of your guns, your muzzle will keep rising, so you need to press the gun to increase the accuracy of firing. If you want to practice a good gun, you can only go to the shooting range.

In the field of wilderness, bullets launch to hit a target for a moment, and the longer the distance is, the longer it takes, so the preview is very important when shooting the moving target.

Different weapon methods are different. In the wilderness, machine guns, rifles, and charge guns require a gun, the different weapons have different recoil, and the same weapon will change the capacity of the recoil because of the increase of the accessories.

Therefore, in order to master the skills of pressing guns, we need to practice more and adapt to different weapons. Of course, we must remember that we must not panic and keep our mindset steady.
What is the technique of a pressure gun? When we are shooting, we can fire at the opposite direction. In the same way, we can also aim at the enemy's waist position in advance so that the trajectory will have a greater chance of hitting the enemy's chest and head position after the trajectory is drifting. (generally, we shoot the left hand with the left hand, and the right hand controls the movement of the center of the heart).

Of course, when raising the marksmanship, we also have a chicken artifact: ipega 9083 stretching handle, which allows you to eat chicken in minutes, and the rookie becomes a big God.

The ipega 9083 stretching game handle has a high precision rocker, and points out where to fight to help you easily divide the chicken. 360 degree sensitive steering, easy to walk, give you a dripping and dripping game experience.

Ipega 9083 stretching game handle has the function of button mapping and customization, which can satisfy your operational habits and help you successfully eat chicken.

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