[Gamepad] PG-9118 Golden Warrior Bluetooth gamepad eat chicken gamepad

  • [Gamepad] PG-9118 Golden Warrior Bluetooth gamepad eat chicken gamepad
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1. This product supports Apple and Android phones.
2. Apple and Android do not need to download the game from third-party APP platform, open a one-step Bluetooth connection, that is, play even.
3. Compatible with most popular games in the market, especially for "Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield", "PUBG", "King's Glory", "Wilderness Action" and other hand games.
4. Turbo function with keys, can change the direction key design, more easy to rub;
5. Bluetooth 4.0
6. Built-in 400mAh polymer lithium battery to support charging while playing games.
7. "A/B/X/Y" functional keyband dazzling color backlight, L2/R2 for analog function, hand-glued anti-sweat and anti-skid design, so that the game is precise and controllable.

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