PG-9062S Dark Fighter Bluetooth Controller

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Details of the introduction

* This Gamepad support playing games on BT enabled Android 3.2v+ tablet/ smart phone/ TV box/ smart TV/ VR, Win7/ Win8/ Win 10 PC/ P3 console/ Nintendo Switch without any drivers. 
* The botton of A/ B/ X/ Y function key has white LED light. When the device is switched on, illuminate for 5 seconds. The light will be even more dazzling when playing game during night. 
* L2 and R2 function keys are installed within the hall effect sensor. They will be displayed as linear functions when the keys pressed. During the game operation, they can be more accurately controlled.
* The product surface is powder-coated with iron grey powder, infusing it with metallic emotions; The botton shell is processed with black rubber oil, enabling the hand feel to be more comfortable. As the product structure is ergonomic, you will feel extremely cool during game operation.
* Dual motor function, and will have vibrating reminder once powered on. This function only worked under X_INPUT mode by wired connected PC/P3 console, this gamepad have vibration function when the game support vibration.
* Product size: 155.5*105.5*64.5mm

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