My cell phone is Iphone, and iPad and other IOS systems. How do I connect the handle?


1:The apple system has jailbreak and can support various Icade protocol emulators. For example: the Grand Theft Auto Saint Andreas NOVA series, FIFA series, the best racing series, wild drag racing 8, etc.

2:IOS system does not escape from prison currently supports more than 40 IOS games based on Icade manipulation protocol: compatible game downloads: access to iTunes to search for "iCade" in the App Store, the vast majority of games can be compatible with the handle, such as Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League Helium 2 Ght Free Stardash, Temple the Run and so on.

3:Connection mode: first, set the apple mobile phone as the English input method, then open the mobile Bluetooth, and then open the handle: first hold the B button and then press the HOME handle light flash, and the ipega media gamepad point is connected.)

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