PUBG magic gamepad


PUBG is a simulated live shootout game, which has been very popular since the beginning of the year. The most exciting part of the PUBG is the finals. There are many small partners to the finals, and the intense mood, the palm of the hand is sweating. In fact, in the final circle level of mind is the most important, hundred of people with the map competitive PUBG want to win, it is easy to say but it is difficult to do it.

First of all, let's go to the finals and try not to go to the center, even if there are buildings in the center. Because everyone is closer to the final circle, it is easier to find the other side, and everyone aims at the center of the safety zone, and who touches the center point, it will become a target of fire.

Next is to clear away the edge. In the finals, you must clean up after yourself. Because when we are sniping by the front people, we can find shelter, and once we are attacked by people behind, there is no hope of survival.

Then, a practical weapon in the final circle was thrown. Fragment grenades allow players to successfully win the game without firing a single bullet. Once the player finds the enemy's position, a number of hand grenades are thrown out to let the enemy experience the sensation of the bombing area. The use of the smoke bomb is many. In the final circle, it is usually used to block the enemy's vision and make it easy for himself to escape.

Finally, remember not to drive in the finals. Because the finals are already small, you will be caught by other players when you drive. In close proximity, many players can sweep you down with guns, so driving does not have the slightest advantage.

Ipega has launched the gamepad PG-9087, which is one of the most powerful artifact devices in history. It won't let you finish the finals. It's just to make you so fresh.
The gamepad also increases the speed of the play, the TUBRO function, whether you are in the shooting game or the fighting game, the speed of the play will make you play more stimulated.

In the finals, we must act according to circumstances and grasp the rhythm of the game. We must be decisive in making decisions and not lose the chance to win  because of hesitation. PG-9087 Bluetooth game handle, the final circle is stand up and fight directly.

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