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Ipega 9088 Future Warrior Bluetooth Gamepad is mainly suitable for Android/Windows/PS3 game consoles. When using a smartphone/tablet/smart TV/set-top box/PC computer Bluetooth connection, use it during game operation!
Equipped with a detachable stand for up to 6-inch phones, wired connection supports P3 mode.
Stand-alone (requires game support) that supports Android Google Store downloads. For example: Shadow Gun, Death Trigger, etc. or Simulator game. 
Support PC wired connection 360 mode Bluetooth connection (with Bluetooth adapter required) Supports games running in simulator mode.
In mouse mode, with multimedia function: volume - / volume + / play. pause / previous / next song.

Ipega 9088 future soldier bluetooth gamepad have 256 triggers. Develop and design gamepad based on players' ideas and experience, it make players experience real control. Acceleration and deceleration have a more perfect experience in the match.

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