Ipega Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Converter


        As a manufacturer with 20 years of professional game hardware peripheral manufacturing technology, ipega has mastered the mapping core technology through independent research and development. In 2018, it has launched a number of patented black technologies with new forms, somatosensory technology, button cloud mapping technology and so on. The mobile game peripheral products have opened up a new era of mouse and keyboard control mobile games. Ipega PG-9096 Bluetooth mouse and keyboard converter is a tool that allows you to use the keyboard and mouse to travel around the world. After connecting to the Android phone via Bluetooth, you can access various USB keyboards and mouse to control Android mobile games. You experience the farewell slippery, and eating chicken can be as simple as a PC.

Ipega Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Converter

        With the rapid development of mobile games, mobile game peripherals have also entered the hands of ordinary users like PC terminal peripherals. Mobile game controllers are no longer a rare mobile game killer, but they are controlled by mouse and keyboard. Mobile games, smooth control of the PC side of the game is an extraordinary experience.
        The body of PG-9096 is made of aviation aluminum material, with sandblasting process and anodizing treatment. The metal texture is full and wear-resistant. The front is the logo of the ipega, which is simple and atmospheric without losing grace. The body size is only 59*50*12mm, which is very compact and easy to carry, and can be easily loaded into the pocket. You can connect your mouse and keyboard at home, or you can connect to the mouse. In addition, the overall square design, without extra embellishment, makes the whole machine full of cool technical metal texture.

        The PG-9096 has two USB ports for connecting the mouse and keyboard under the fuselage. It also has the function of connecting the mouse and keyboard and providing the button mapping activation service for Android devices. After connecting, it can automatically recognize and automatically activate the button mapping, so you don't need to Manually activate the instant enjoyment experience.

 Keyboard and Mouse Converter

        The top of the PG-9096 converter is a USB interface for charging. Since the PG-9096 emphasizes portability, there is no built-in battery, but don't worry, it can be powered by the normal mobile power of the data line. In addition, there are Bluetooth adapter buttons and power switch on the body.
        Different from most of the mouse and keyboard converters that only support the mouse 3 button, the PG-9096 mouse-and-mouse converter improves the controllability of the game by a step, perfectly implementing the mouse 7-key control support of the double-sided keys and the scroll button. The ipega button cloud mapping can simulate 120 screen clicks per second. This high frame rate has obvious advantages in eating chicken games. It is easier to use the mouse to control the operation of the gun, greatly improving the design accuracy and the game experience.

        For the PG-9096 mouse and keyboard converter, support most FPS mobile games on the market, playing chicken games is definitely a great tool, so the mobile game instantly transforms into the end, the mouse and keyboard operation basic and the previous PC There is no big difference between the end games, the keyboard control action with the mouse to adjust the orientation, aiming at the shooting, changing the field of view, moving the position, opening the door, picking up the shots, etc., and giving me a gun to find the feeling of killing the square. Let players take the lead in the game. Perhaps it is also thanks to ipega's unique high-frame button cloud mapping function, which is basically smooth and non-delayed in the experience process, and the operational advantage is immediately highlighted.

 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Converter

        When you experience the current popular PvP competitive shooting game "Fortress Night" (International Service), you can find the role of the PG-9096 converter in the easy-to-handle operation such as building a bunker due to the presence of a mouse and keyboard. It’s too big to imagine, this feeling can only be felt when you experience it yourself.

[About ipega]
        Ipega began in 1994 as a pioneer in the field of gaming peripherals in China. ipega was the first to obtain the authorization of Apple Inc. to produce a variety of Apple peripheral accessories. At the same time, ipega is also an OEM company of international famous brands such as SONY, Microsoft, Nintendo, Lenovo and Huawei. Use the Ai Paige handle to make playing games a pleasure.

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