Ipega 9057 pagani zonda game gun to win the PUBG, simulation of real guns to stimulate


The game of Knives  has been popular among many players since it was lanuched. How to win the game has become the most important concern for players. After playing the game for so long, he found that some of the things in the game were very powerful, and if they were able to get it, it was absolutely a good tool for us to win the game. The gamepad is an absolute auxiliary artifact.

1.Rapid expansion cartridge
The fast expansion cartridge clip is compatible with the characteristics of fast clip and expansion clip. The function is very strong. When you are facing a steel gun, increasing your clip capacity and changing speed will give you a great advantage.

Silencers can eliminate firing noise and fire and enhance concealment. Climbing in the grass as a phantom tank, it's hard for your opponent to find your presence.

3.Four times mirror     
Four times a mirror, whether you install it on a rifle or a sniper gun, it is very good. On the contrary, you eight times the mirror installed in the rifle, the rear seat is too big, fifteen times the mirror is more difficult, only used as a telescope, four times the mirror sensitivity is very good, greatly improve the probability of eating chicken.

4.High pressure cooker cover         
The lid of the high-pressure cooker is comparable to the three level in the wilderness, and the artifact of the three class armor exists. The pan can beat people, and it can stop the bullets. The most important function of a high pressure cooker is to block it, sometimes it can save your life. It's a pot in the hand, and I have it all over the world.

5.Ghillie suit       
Geely clothes, as the name suggests, can help players to win the game. Geely suit is the most suitable for Voldemort in the game. At the end of the game, Geely is a more deity suit, lying in the middle of the safety zone and watching the fights of the gods. You can find a good place to wait quietly for harvest and succeed in eating chicken.

The game experience is very important. Playing with real guns is stimulating. Ipega 9057 neon son's game gun is lifelike, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world and give you the best gaming experience.

With the ipega 9057 pagani zonda gamepad handle gun, you can win the game easily.

【About Ipega】

Ipega began in 1994 as a pioneer in the field of Chinese gamepad. 20 years of invocation, the full attention to the effect of the game experience, the unremitting exploration of technological innovation, the persistence of the quality of the product has been deeply integrated into the blood of ipega. At present, ipega has 10 million handle users, more than 30 multi handle patent technology. Ipega uses the first heart and responsibility to lead the technology innovation and product upgrading of the game peripherals. Use the ipega handle to make the game more passionate!

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