There is always a way for you, The video tutorials to connect with computer, and tools!


Wired and wireless connection, computer video tutorial:!3~5!4~A&from=timeline& 2Fm%2Fy%2Fvideo%3Fq%3D%25E8%2589%25BE%25E6%25B4%25BE%25E6%25A0%25BC%26f%3D1%26kb%3D140200000000000__%25E8%2589%25BE%25E6%25B4%25BE%25E6% 25A0%25BC%26_rp%3D1501390610347LLlBZ0
Wired connection collection package and 360ce/simulator:
Computer simulation mouse and keyboard tools:
Group files are also available for download. Link invalidation contact management.
Handle connection with the computer ,video tutorial: [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

1, if you play a large single machine, you Baidu search amused game box, play inside the game, what environment is lacking what environment package
2, if you play mobile games, you will Baidu search Tencent mobile assistant
3, if you play the simulator game (such as the King of Fighters), you can do the next simulator, such as swimming, set the button on it, Bluetooth connection (requires the computer to have Bluetooth) Android mode connection, data cable connection, press and hold Start, insert the data line.

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