How to play games with IOS/Apple mobile phone?


First of all, because most of the games are not native adapters (currently only Contra is a native adaptation game, the phone connection handle can be played directly), so use the controller to play the game to download the game hall that has been adapted to the handle version. Download the game (game room download:
1. Go to the palm game website to download the game hall.
2, after the game hall download is complete, the game hall needs to trust the method: open ~ phone settings ~ general ~ device management - find the game hall point trust game hall - back to the mobile phone desktop to open the game hall
3, at this time you need to activate the hall (because the game hall is a tripartite cooperation platform, the handle seller does not provide the activation code, you have to buy it yourself (15 yuan a), the purchase method can be Taobao search, you can also add this WeChat: 48617114 purchase)
4, after the hall is activated, download the game in the game hall, delete the original mobile phone store download, only keep the game version of the game console download game, connect the handle (most handles first connect the handle method: first Bluetooth must be closed first, First press and hold the handle Y while holding the home for about five seconds, and see that the handle light is in a flashing state, then you can open the Bluetooth search device, and display the NewgamapadN1 handle name and click on it. If you To use the handle twice, just turn on the Bluetooth first, press the home button on the handle, the handle will automatically connect back, do not need to press the combination button every time!) you can play.
5, Note: The game button, the player can change according to their own wishes, press the handle select + start button to call up the mapping menu, you can see the floating layer above the phone, just drag the floating layer to put you want to put it Set the location of a function, pay attention to save, that is, the button is set successfully, and so on!
6, see here to explain how you can use the handle to play the game, if you do not understand the details, welcome to join the ipega handle QQ customer service group: 837350687, consult the handle use method.

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