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Product introduction

Ipega 9023 telescopic Bluetooth gamepad flat handle is a brand-new wireless Bluetooth handle, supporting Android/PC and other different platform games.

1. Without any drivers and can be used after pairing with Bluetooth.

2. The exclusive game application platform, classic controller is in the master (ipega game hall is only suitable for Android system platform).

3. Built in lithium battery (380mAh), 20H can be used safely and reliably after charging.

4. With a telescopic bracket, you can put your mobile phone or tablet computer on the bracket (supporting 5-10 inch equipment) for easy use of the game.

5. It has 5 multimedia function keys: "volume +, -", "last song, next song", "play / pause", which is not compatible with Y key mode.

6. The Bluetooth 3 wireless transmission function can be operated in the control range of 6-8 meters wide.

7.Ipega 9023 telescopic Bluetooth joystick handle humanized software design, which can connect to the power saving mode without connection.

8. Support Android 3.2 system;

9. Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad and most Android systems.

Ipega 9023 telescopic Bluetooth gamepad flat handle support Game Description:

The Android system supports the vast majority of large games and simulator games (such as MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator, GBA simulator, street simulator, SFC simulator, N64 simulator, Shadowgun, FC, etc.)

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